Removing barriers to our happiness: how to gain rights and find faith?

Where, then, would you get the desired car if you yourself deprived yourself of the right to have it? Therefore, the first thing to do in order for a wish to come true is to allow yourself to think of it as a very real event that will happen to you. You need to know that it will be so. And with the help of what and who this will happen, you do not need to know.

You can not control all the processes in the universe. Do your little work. The universe should at least receive a signal about what you want. Remember: what seems unrealizable and unrealizable to you, for the Universe can be absolutely worthless. The main thing is that you yourself give yourself the right to do so.

What is the difference between a free and joyful person and a person who defines his life more as an existence than as a full-fledged residence? A free person has rights. A person who is deprived of his rights is in a state of helplessness, in which he refuses even to attempt to take any action and search for solutions.

Only you decide: can you do it or not. We are the first to deny ourselves success.

In order to figure out what is stopping you from reaching your goal, break the page into two columns and answer the following questions in the first left column:

What am I afraid of?
What I do not know?
What I do not know how?
What does not depend on me?

In the right column, answer the question:

And what rights am I losing myself with?

For example, you want to open your business. Your answers might look something like this:

I am afraid that I will not find funds for the initial capital.
I am afraid that the business will not go and the investment will not pay off.
I am afraid that I will get into debt and will not be able to pay.
I am afraid to remain without work and without means of livelihood.
I am afraid that my wife and other people will condemn me.
I am afraid that I will end up alone.
I do not know how to build a business.
I do not know what this will lead to.
I do not know whether to risk.
I do not know how to negotiate with people.
I do not know how to lead.

I deprive myself:

- the right to choose;
- the right to make mistakes;
- rights to self-realization;
- rights to take place in business;
- the right to have an opinion;
- the right to learn and develop in a new business;
- the right to be free;
- etc.

Remember the boy Mondi, who, despite the seeming unrealizability of his dreams, still came to her. Besides the fact that he gave himself the right to achieve his goal and found the courage for that, the main assistant in his life was the belief that he would succeed.

Belief in recovery returns to life completely hopeless from the point of view of traditional medicine people. Conversely, without faith in oneself and without faith in success, any very carefully prepared project is defeated.

The theme of belief in oneself is inevitably connected with belief in something more powerful than man himself. It does not matter your attitude to religion. Even if you consider yourself an atheist, you still in some cases believe in a force that is more powerful than you.

Everyone has their own understanding of this power. It doesn't matter how you designate it for yourself. It is only important what exactly you are investing in this concept. It is important that you believe that there is something that is stronger and more powerful than you, and it answers you. There is Something that can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. You can use any concepts, if you are so familiar and closer: God, Cosmos, Universe, Cosmic Mind, Universal Mind ...

Let it be conditionally called the Higher Power. It is clear that to achieve your goal it is important to establish contact with a higher power. Here are a few reasons for this idea:

1. Probably, you will not deny that there is both a visible and perceived reality that can be touched, and an objective existence of an invisible world, that is, a part of reality located outside of direct human cognition and inaccessible to our observation. In other words, there are forces and objects that are inaccessible to our direct observation, but existing objectively, that is, regardless of human perception. From this we can conclude: if we do not see something, it does not mean that this is not there and it does not affect us.

2. The experience of the recovery of millions of addicts and other people with incurable diseases shows that as soon as they abandoned the belief that there is no God and were ready to believe in a Force more powerful than anything they possess, it immediately brought such results that doctors could not explain in terms of traditional medicine. Although this does not mean that each of them can give a precise definition or a clear understanding of the Higher Power.

3. Today, scientists know that our thoughts have completely material carriers, which, when communicating with the Universe, rush upward in a certain energy flow and receive exactly the same property a reverse energy connection. These information and energy flows were recorded by the devices during prayer. It is believed that this is why people with negative thinking, sending a negative flow of energy into the Universe, get the opposite answer in the form of realized negative predictions for their future, and a positive thinking person achieves his goals, seemingly completely effortless.

Almost immediately you will notice that something in your life will change. Perhaps you will begin to receive lucrative job offers, suddenly additional sources of income appear, or something happens that instantly brings you closer to the realization of your dream.

4. The world studies the relationship between traditional biomedicine, alternative medical methods, psychology and physics. The tendency to unite these sciences is becoming more and more apparent because research on nano-processes (“nano” means atomic and molecular processes having dimensions of the order of one billionth of a centimeter) suggests that there are similar patterns in the structure and development of the Universe. so in the body and psyche of man.

There is an opinion that in this sense establishing contact with a Higher Power can be viewed not only as external support from above, but also as having the ability to see and feel the direction of the energy of these subatomic particles, to sense their flow in the body and in thoughts, to recognize information about the body and the surrounding space that they carry. In his book The Power of Silence, Arnold Mindell gave this very name to this force and designated it as the mind of the body.

If you look at the history of your life from the point of view of the presence in it of miraculous inexplicable events, fateful “random” meetings, abrupt turns of fate, a happy recovery or salvation from death, you will find many examples that will serve you as another eloquent confirmation of the existence of a Higher strength

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