How to have a good rest over the weekend? Five proven methods

The answer to any complex / voluminous question is always beyond the scope of the question itself. To find all the solutions (and there will always be a lot of them and very different ones), you need to step aside and “turn on” your intuition. I offer my work - what I use when my body explicitly and unequivocally asks for rest.

First, it is necessary to rest (recuperate) constantly, not once a week. Fatigue accumulated over the entire working week can result in a mild cold — when it seems that you are not ill, but you have absolutely no strength to move (neither moral nor physical).

Decision: Learn how to switch the load-rest mode inside each day. A good illustration of this is the wonderful words: “We need to rest BEFORE the state of fatigue arrived.”

Secondly, after returning from work, invigorate your body with feasible physical activity (sports, household, family). So you will sleep, as they say, without hind legs, and disperse stagnant blood (the widespread sedentary and “in-screen-watching” work common today is not compatible with a long and happy life).

Decision: in the evenings, instead of a sofa, decisively choose a bicycle or any other walk, easy cleaning of your home, family-wide "moving buildings", etc. spontaneous joys.

Third, begin to lead a bright, eventful life. As they say, "do not expect a miracle - wonder yourself."

Decision: convene a family council, collect all the family members of the Wishlist and make an adventure schedule. Assign roles, delegate responsibilities, connect relatives and colleagues - in short, initiate movement and do not get confused under your feet.

Fourth, make it a rule to spend either Saturday or Sunday outside the walls of your apartment (or even better outside the walls of your city or country). Any emotional amplitude jolt will turn you into an “energy energizer”. The budget does not matter. There are funds - fly to the sea, there are no financial opportunities - it does not matter, there is always an alternative in the form of a pool, saunas, fonts, etc.

Decision: domestic tourism is now experiencing a boom of rebirth, the main thing is to choose non-mass destinations, so as not to stand in the queues of the day off.

Fifth, get to know each other more often, get out of your usual social circle more boldly. New people are an inexhaustible "piggy bank" of new ideas and diverse interests. It's like a snowball. Starting to get acquainted, you automatically find yourself in the circulation of friends of your friends, then friends of your friends will catch up.

Decision: look for clubs of interest, go to cultural events, lead a socially active lifestyle.

It has long been proven that it is “living” (and not virtual) communication with people who understand you, who share your values, beliefs and hobbies, can instantly “charge” the accumulated life batteries, it dramatically reduces the size of existing problems and allows you to feel the meaning of life. And when life has meaning, happiness comes ...

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