How to choose godparents for your child?

First of all, they must be Orthodox Christians. They may be relatives of the child’s parents, blood and long-distance, but the parents themselves cannot. After all, at baptism, a person is born anew and acquires other parents, godparents, with whom he has a close spiritual connection.

In addition, spouses cannot be the godparents of one child. And subsequently, the godparents and their spiritual children cannot marry, as the godfathers among themselves (the godparents and the parents of their godchildren). Also, monks and nuns cannot baptize children, as this involves them in worldly life, from which they have renounced, having gone to a monastery.

For many, it is not known that, according to Orthodox rules, a person should have only godparents, just as there can only be relatives. And in general, according to the canons of the Orthodox Church, one recipient (godparent) is needed: a man for a boy and a woman for a girl. The second godfather is chosen according to church custom. All the rest - the second, and even the third pair of godparents - no more than the decision of the parents, driven by disinterested or not very impulses.

With regards to the personal qualities that the godparent should have, first of all he must be responsible, because he needs to perform a number of duties: to pray for the children, to enlighten them spiritually, to lead on the sacrament ...

It is also obvious that the recipients must be mentally healthy, not have alcohol and other addictions, criminal inclinations. After all, godparents are obliged to be an example and authority for their godchildren, to be for them protection and support in difficult moments, to protect from temptations and temptations. And besides - to engage in spiritual education, instilling love, respect and other virtues to the godchildren.

Also, godparents should always provide advice to their spiritual children, help them choose the right path in life, profession, life partner, prepare for marriage. And generally maintain a spiritual relationship with the godchildren. But she, as you know, is stronger than the physical, blood connection between people.

The godparents must understand that it will be a great sin for them to be scornful, frivolous and superficial, as well as the ostentatious attitude towards their godchildren.

There is a belief among the people, it is a sign that one cannot refuse an invitation to become a godparent. But it happens that a potential recipient does not feel in himself, is afraid to take on such a burden of responsibility or not sure that he can become a worthy godparent and devote enough time to his godson (especially if he himself has children - relatives and godchildren). Then it is better for this person to refuse, which is not prohibited by church rules.

So come to the choice of godparents with full awareness of significance. After all, it is not only those people who will be relatives for you, and possibly “ties”, and will give gifts to your children. First of all, they will be parents, no less important for your child, than you.

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