How to organize a child's birthday? Holiday Ideas

For example, his friends will come to your pet - 5−10 people. You arrange a sweet table and prepare a festive game program.

Think about the design rooms. Hang out garlands, flags, flowers, balloons. Prepare a music menu - kids love to dance. Arrange them a disco. Remove all fragile and dear to the heart items from the room. Cover the upholstered furniture with some kind of bedspreads, which will then be easy to wash off. A real children's birthday is a tornado! Give them plenty to have fun, do not limit freedom. Have patience, because you have a goal - to create a festive atmosphere so that your child and in many years will remember this day.

A few words about the design of the table. Each dish must carry information about the goal. On the birthday of the child, his name, the number of candles, even cheerful children's dishes - everything should speak about the holiday. If there is no special children's tableware in this amount in the house, buy a one-time color one. With peas, strawberries, funny people. It will greatly decorate your table. Children should be fun from the very first minute.

Bake a cake. A cake is the culmination of a birthday. You endure it at the very end, with burning candles. Children are always looking forward to this moment. Cook kissel or prepare delicious drinks. We buy fruit. If the birthday falls on the generous summer and autumn months - great. In winter, it will be bananas, oranges, tangerines. Kids love fruit slices. And if each piece is provided with a beautiful umbrella or a colored skewer, with which you decorated them together with the birthday boy, it will be a festive fruit. You can bake a sweet cake or make snacks. Cook funny kids (small and beautiful) sandwiches. Light desserts. Ice cream.

But for children, the main thing is entertainment.

Arrange a creative competition - give them objects that are not needed in everyday life - for example, empty plastic bottles, pieces of cloth, glue, cardboard, scissors, plasticine. And announce the conditions of the competition. For example, on the most necessary object that children can create in 30-50 minutes. Note the time. And prepare a prize in advance, it must be announced before the start of the competition. Be sure to praise everyone, make some incentive prizes - gum, balloon, chupa-chups or a set of inexpensive markers - they will be nice to everyone. The main thing is that everyone should be marked.

The guys played - call them to the table.

A light salad and a main dish are suitable for refreshments.

In my family, on the day of birth of children, they always served stuffed pike perch or pike. The fish was served entirely, with the head and tail, with a mesh of mayonnaise on top, decorated with greens and asterisks of a boiled carrot. The guests always looked at this table queen with delight, well, and this dish always had excellent taste. And every time friends asked: "Will there be a stuffed pike perch?" Argue with him, of course, a lot. But it's worth it!

And again the game. "Loud phone". Who does not remember this children's game? The birthday boy whispers in his ear to his neighbor any word - he gives it to another, and so on in a circle. The latter announces the word he has heard out loud. Usually, the source word is never uttered. Laughter and childlike spontaneity. Well, if there is an opportunity to remove all this action on a video camera. Most recently, we looked at just such a plot 20 years ago ... Sweet memories!

Another children's game - Cut the prize. You stretch the rope, and the children themselves tie the prizes. Wrap them in advance in beautiful paper or foil. Then you take turns tying the guests' eyes and giving them scissors. Spin and send for the prize. Everyone cuts off his prize. Fun and noisy game.

On the table you can cook something from the more expensive products, if the budget allows. It can be seafood snacks. You can spawn. Buy expensive natural juices. It is not necessary for a child’s birthday to cook hard-to-digest dishes. Children need to communicate more and have fun.

If possible, invite a clown or "little animals" from your favorite cartoons. Now this service is in every city.

If you live in a big house - arrange a carnival or a big game in nature, in the garden, or make a themed celebration. You can play in the "Night Watch" or "Kazakov-robbers." And you can pre-write the script of the game based on your favorite books, where each guest will play a role. You only distribute roles and costumes (or their details) to them. Tell the plot. Children will think out the rest. It is difficult to predict where this game will lead. Therefore, you will only enjoy the contemplation of entertainment and in time to interrupt the game if it leaves "the wrong steppe."

Outdoor games must accompany the buffet. Arrange snacks, fruit and drinks, put the plates in a stack. Napkins. Let each guest choose everything for himself. It perfectly develops social skills, fosters politeness and good manners.

Your role is the most important. You should always be there, but children should not notice you. Do not let everything take its course, entertain and amuse the guests. It will take quite a bit of time, and your mature child will timidly ask to leave his company. Therefore, enjoy this holiday now! Troublesome, but so cute ...

And let your care remain in the child's soul the most important gift. You will succeed!


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