What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Sunflower

Diligence, supported by ambition, is bearing fruit. Sunflower's career is swift, he never gives up his positions without a fight, but he is ready for extreme measures for the sake of his position. He perceives failures painfully, but he does not lower his hands and does not refuse from the intended one.

Sunflower sociable, loves children and warm. Summer is the most favorable time for him, the sea and travel are the best rest. However, if you can not jerk to the warm sea, rural outdoor recreation is also acceptable.

In common parlance, the sunflower is called the sunflower, the Latin name Helianthus is a genus of plants of the Asteraceae family. Interestingly, this same genus also includes the earthen pear - Jerusalem artichoke, one of the names of which is the klubniferous sunflower.

The sun flower, well-known to us, the “enemy” of urban public utilities, responsible for cleanliness at public transport stops, is known in our area relatively recently. But the history of his relationship with people has more than one millennium.

Nerdy Wikipedia claims that the North American Indians first began to grow sunflower in the current states of Arizona and New Mexico long before our era. The latest research published by University of Cincinnati David Lentz in 2007 shows that Mexico is the birthplace of cultivated sunflower. Moreover, the scientist believes that the plant was cultivated twice at different times and in different places. First in Mexico 4,600 years ago, and later 1,400 years in the Mississippi Valley.

Spaniards brought sunflower to Europe about five centuries ago. At first, the wonder was grown as a decorative ornament, the plant became an important crop much later.

The same was true of his fate in Russia, where the sunflower appeared along with many other innovations in the time of Peter I. They also liked sunflower seeds, but at first only as a delicacy. As a raw material for vegetable oil, sunflower was first used by the serf Bokarev in 1828 in the village of Alekseevka, owned by Sheremetyevo.

Over the years, sunflower oil has practically supplanted linseed and hemp, traditional for Russia, from production and consumption. And it is not surprising, because sunflower seeds contain up to 33% oil, and specially grown hybrids - up to 50−60. At the same time, the yield reaches 40 centners per hectare.

But butter is not the only wholesome product given to people by sunflower. Waste oil production - the head and the meal - valuable sources of protein, and are used to produce animal feed. Lovers of fishing up your head, or sunflower cake, know as an effective bait.

Hexose and pentose sugars are obtained from husks, husks of seeds. The first of them is the raw material for ethyl alcohol, the second is used to obtain fodder yeast. The high calorific value of the husk allows it to be considered as an environmentally friendly source of energy alternative to firewood.

Stems are suitable for paper production, inflorescences are an excellent green animal food and source of pectin. Blooming sunflower is a wonderful honey plant.

As a medicinal plant, the sunflower will help with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and asthma, with kidney diseases and increased nervous excitability, will reduce the temperature and improve appetite.

And a little sun is just beautiful ...

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