Is it possible to be a mercantile virgin? To the birthday of the singer Madonna

That does not at all deny that the singer Madonna is a hard-working, purposeful, intelligent woman (at school she was one of the best students), multidisciplinary (sings, dances, produces, writes books, acts in film) and able to change. Without her songs and her image, it is difficult to imagine pop music from the 1980s and 90s.

About her most important hits (among which come across and canceled) and will be my further story.

"Holiday" (1983)

The basis of Madonna’s creativity was often dance music, which is not surprising if you remember that the girl has been dancing since childhood.

In 1983, these songs made up the first album, called simply “Madonna”. Although the singer was the author (or co-author) of many songs on the album, the song brought from the side became a penetrating hit. Its authors were members of the group PURE ENERGY, and the then boyfriend of the singer, DJ John Bennites, brought it to the studio. The song was recorded last, literally after.

True, the producer of the album Reggie Lukas did not like the novelty categorically, and even more so he did not see it as a hit. Then Bennites decided to produce a single entitled “Holiday” (“Holiday”). The song really sounded major and festive, which was consonant with the sybarite spirit of the 1980s.

Although Madonna was a prominent girl, her photo was not placed on the cover of the single. This contained an insidious intent - the singer's style was largely intersected with “black” dance music. Therefore, the potential audience decided not to scare away the “pale face” with a photo - let them think for now that this is a black “sister” singing.

“Holiday” was not the first, and not the second, but the third single from the album. But it was he who became Madonna's first big hit, soaring to the 16th place in the US charts. The producer of the single, John Benitez, said that his career and the career of Madonna "Started simultaneously, thanks to this song".

The unexpected success of "Holiday" made the record label fork over to shoot a video for the song. Forked, however, slightly. This kind of "clip" today looks extremely cheap and naive. Almost everything is taken from the same angle and in the same room, where the Madonna, along with two partners, is dancing like a girl in a disco.
However, the door to success was open. When a “promising” singer was invited to a dance TV show, she confidently stated that "Wants to conquer the world".

By 1986, the world will be conquered, and in the same year the Dutch duo MC Miker G & DJ Sven will record on the basis of the song “Holiday” a new song “Holiday Rap”, well known to Soviet people in a rehash of Sergei Minaev called “The Arts Council (Rap Disc jockey) ".
But back a bit ...

“Like A Virgin”, “Material Girl” (1984)

In 1984, at the award ceremony MTV Video Music Awards Madonna made a splash. First, contrary to tradition, she performed not a famous hit, but a completely new song, which was not even published as a single. Secondly, this song had a very intriguing title - “Like A Virgin” (“Like a Virgin”). And thirdly, under this song, the singer, dressed in a wedding dress and a belt with the inscription “Boy Toy” (“Boy's Toy”), completely rolled over the floor on the floor, showing stockings and garters from under the battered hem.

It is not surprising that Mr. Brown from “Mad Dogs” insisted that in this song Madonna sings about a guy with great ... dignity, which makes her hurt like a virgin. The director of the film - Quentin Tarantino - and he also considered it until he met the singer, and she did not tell him that it was a “metaphysical virginity”. To avoid any misunderstandings, Madonna will hand over her own album “Erotica” to Tarantino with the signature: "It's not about penis, it's about love.".

No matter how ridiculous, but the authors of the song about a virgin were two men - Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg. The latter said that he composed the text according to fresh personal feelings. He just found a new love after a painful break and felt "As if born again". Well, and made the chorus specially provocative.
However, at first neither Madonna, nor the producer Niall Rodgers "Like A Virgin" liked. However, soon the singer noticed that the song did not go out of her head, and insisted on the release of the single.

By the way, in the original arrangement of “Like A Virgin” it looked more like a ballad, but this style was not very consistent with the text.

B. Steinberg:
“He (Tom Kelly - S.K.) tried this way and that, then, in desperation, he began to bang on the keys and sing in falsetto. I said, “Oh! This is what you need! ”

The video for the song was filmed in Venice, which so suited the singer with that name. In the video, Madonna appears in two guises - a glamorous bride and a broken girl in leggings, floating in a gondola through the channels of a flooded city. The male principle also has two guises - men in a carnival lion mask and the lion itself - the real one.

Later, the clip and song parodies the famous mockingbird El Jankovic. The parody will be called “Like a Surgeon” (“As a surgeon”), and the clip will exploit all the black humor that is associated with this profession. Surgeons will work, armed with chainsaws and a welding machine, while Jankovic himself will languidly roll on a sanitary bed instead of a gondola.

Madonna's provocative performance at the MTV ceremony along with the video brought a long-awaited result. The single "Like A Virgin" was the first in the career of the singer to lead the US charts.
Success secured another single - “Material Girl”, which only a little did not get to the top, taking 2nd place.

Particularly vivid was the video shot for the song. Here Madonna appears for the first time in the image of Marilyn Monroe, and the plot of the clip copies the scene from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” of 1953. In that scene, Monroe, in a pink dress and surrounded by men, performs the famous song that "diamonds are the best friends of women."

The “Material Girl” (written by Peter Brown and Robert Rance), in essence, continued the same theme. The heroine of the song declared: "Only men, who have a lot of money, will brighten my dark days." Anticipating that this heroine would be associated directly with her, Madonna made the clip ambiguous - and in the end it turns out that the capricious girl still chooses not a diamond, but a bouquet of daisies, and leaves with a guy in a cheap car.

This did not help, and the singer was still labeled "mercantile girl." Madonna even declared that, if she knew this in advance, she would not have recorded the song at all. But she is not so stupid as to not know ... However, “going to a new level”, Madonna really will practically stop performing “Material Girl” at concerts.

“The material side of the question interested me far from in the first place, I was not a virgin, and I didn’t understand at all what this phrase meant:“ Like a virgin. ” But I liked to play with words, and I thought that in these songs they were not stupid at all.

... I would be happy to live in a luxurious house, but then I knew perfectly well that I could do without it. I had enough internal resources, and if I were even in a forest hut, I could turn the situation around to my advantage. Happiness does not depend on the objective world. "

True, in particular spirituality these songs were difficult to suspect.

I will tell you about the next hits and provocations of Madonna the next time.

Watch the video: Madonna - Material Girl Official Music Video (December 2019).


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