"Dove". How was the movie made?

He was born in the GULAG prison on Sviyazhsk Island in Tatarstan. The territory of the Assumption Monastery was completely turned into a huge camp hut. Then he was a children's home for children of prisoners. And in memory is the gramophone from which “La Paloma” (“Oh, my darling”) is played by Claudia Shulzhenko.

The history of this song is long - in 2012 it turned 150 years old. And the Spaniard who wrote it did not receive a penny, he just did not have time - he died in obscurity. But for many decades now, whole generations have been listening to this delicate and amazing melody:

When from your Havana I sailed away,
Only you have managed to guess my sorrow.
Dawn gilded clear skies edge
And you whispered to me in tears: "My love ..."

This old, almost all familiar habanera Spaniard Sebastian Iradie became the title and leitmotif of the film (I had to buy the rights to a song from Hollywood - these are the laws).

Then Genka worked as a poster billboard in DK and at the same time worked in an art studio. He served in the army, but he graduated from high school (the school of working youth) by almost 40 years. He became a member of the Union of Artists in 1995, at the age of 46.

And here is half of my life behind (“the forty-forty is not celebrated!”). Difficult and somewhat lax, what could be the life of such a person. Old cluttered house, hippie friends and sly friends, homemade exhibitions in the yard. Spider, with which you can quite sensibly chat about life.

He watches the sky for hours. And this is not by chance, probably. There are people for whom falling and soaring are one and the same. There are people who do not walk, crawl and crawl through life, they are falling in life. And it turns out that take off. Soar.

Foreign art critics define the style of Gennady Arhireev as magical realism. Something magical is felt in his paintings. And absolutely magical things happened later.

Where would you swim, everywhere to you, my dear,
I will fly down with a dove-winged dove.
I will find your sail over the sea wave,
You gently stroke my feathers with your hand ...

Genkina Dove did not just find a sail “over the sea wave”. Svetlana Kolina (Svetka) wrote stories about her husband, and these “Burtas tales” were published in a Kazan journal. Svetka herself - like a rising air flow - maybe Genk needed only to be thrown by this flow? And he also supported?

Inexplicable miracle one issue of the magazine fell into the hands of the Muscovite Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov. He saw the meeting of these elderly people, like a picture in space and time, and felt that this was an event. In one night, a movie script was written. This scenario won the competition and received partial budget funding. There were also sponsors. One would like to call it “magical realism” ... In addition, for Sergey Oldenburg-Svintsov it was a directing and screenwriting debut at the same time.

The film was shot easily and quickly - there, in Sviyazhsk. The People's Artist of Russia Alexander Korshunov played wonderfully Genk. Inga Oboldin as Svetka is truly beautiful (they are listed in the credits: Genka and Sveta were called this way in life). The film came out on big screens, having won several awards. The prizes were awarded to both the director and the leading actors (Alexander Abdulov Prize “For the Best Male Role” - actor Alexander Korshunov, Prize for the Best Female Role - to actress Inge Oboldina, at the XI Shukshin Film Festival).

But Gennady Arkhireev did not live to see the film. He died at the age of 58, having had time, however, to see the beginning of filming.

Such is the paradoxical story of the movie “Dove”. How paradoxical is often our very life. Sviyazhsky monasteries, founded by Ivan the Terrible in 1551, are now being restored by five monks. At the opening of a branch of the Hermitage in the Kazan Kremlin, G. Arkhireyev’s paintings were seen by the directors of the largest museums of the world - the Uffizi Gallery, the British Museum, the Dresden Art Gallery, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Gennady Arkhireyev, who never dreamed of fame, became the first artist about whom the film was made during his lifetime.

The image of the Dove goes back to ancient Greece, to 492 AD. Allegedly, then, for the first time, Europe saw white doves bringing news of love from sailors lost in the sea. So they ask sentimental analogies about the lost in the life of the sea and about waiting and loving them.

But the truth is. There will be doves - there will be those who will remember, write stories, make films. Yes, and not necessarily become famous - it is enough that there are those who remember. And there after all - how to know ...

The song "La Paloma" lives without any effort from the author. Pictures of Gennady Arkhireyev will live. Talented cinema will live. And the eternal dove will live - as a symbol of an unexpected meeting of "his" person, as a symbol of eternal inspiration and even support. As a symbol of the usual (and therefore suffering) human happiness. Let it fly away.

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