All the secrets of a hobby, or to collect? Part 2

In this kind of hobby, subgroups are singled out; "Printed and postal products." it peridromophilia - collecting tickets for transport; bibliophily, or bibliophilism - collecting books; phytochymia - collecting calendars; sigilaty - postal envelopes.

Philophony - collecting sound recordings on records, magnetic tapes (tapes) or discs. Their collection is called record library. Home music library can be universal or thematic (symphonic, instrumental, opera music, romances, folk songs, works of a favorite singer). As with any type of collectibles, there is no way without a catalog. It is usually conducted on cards in which the record number is recorded, the type of record, when and by which company this record was released, the order of the works recorded in it, the names of the author and performer.

Faleristics - collecting and studying breastplates, badges, tokens - does not rely on a strict system and is not amenable to international and national cataloging. Badges (signs) are divided by purpose: award (insignia for achievements in work, social activities, sports), service (departments, institutions, enterprises), academic (about graduation from college, technical school, university), membership (organizations, unions, clubs , youth, sports and voluntary societies), memorable (in honor of an outstanding figure of the past, events), jubilee (for the anniversary of the republics, organizations and departments), souvenir (dedicated to various events, countries, cities, sports competitions).

The subject of collections is extensive: "Emblems", "Aviation", "Sport", "Cosmos", "Coats of Arms". The badges are mounted on one-sheet thick paper sheets, on fabric or foam. Comfortable sheets of cardboard covered with a cloth. The description of each icon is made on separate sheets in a special filing cabinet, which is more convenient to start from the very beginning of collecting.

In addition to the described, there are many other types of collectibles.

As for money, there are several subtypes of collectibles: numismatics - collecting coins, notaphily - paper banknotes; bonistics - collection of banknotes, exonumia - marks that do not have the status of money, that is, souvenirs in the form of coins that are not money.

The most common at the present time are also the following types of collectibles: stylophilia - a set of writing subjects; phylobotism - shoes; modeling - collecting aircraft models; biofilia - beer caps, lids, cans, labels; signmanistika - collecting military stripes.

People collect everything: police caps from different countries, cigarette packs, and even cars. Each person can invent his own type of collectibles, start collecting something that no one else has collected. Someone has to spend a lot of money on it, but someone does not. In any case, this is an interesting activity that brings pleasure to anyone.

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