How did edelweiss appear in the mountains?

... It so happened that the favorite assistant of the Snow Queen, the most beautiful and kind Snowflake, during her work - she painted windows in houses with fabulous patterns - she saw a youth in one of the houses. The house was located high in the mountains. The young owner was sitting in a chair near the burning fireplace and drew a magical picture: the glittering palace of the Snow Queen and her beautiful snowflakes.

The following year, on the most frosty day, Snowflake flew again to that house. The artist still sat near the fireplace and drew, but now the picture had amazing white flowers-stars in fluffy fur coats - they grew high in the mountains.

A year later, she flew again to the house where the young man lived. This time the young man did not draw. He sat in the chair, tried to pick up a brush and paint, but to no avail - his hands did not obey him. Snowflake understood - the young man is seriously ill.

The beautiful Snowflake soul trembled. Returning to the palace of the Snow Queen, she asked:
- Tell me, how can I help a sick person, a fine young man?

The queen thought about it, she really didn’t want to lose her favorite snowflake, but she couldn’t hide what she knew.
- There is one remedy: your kind soul should move to a mountain plant, but at the same time you will melt and die. In early spring, when the plant blooms, the young man will see it. And then your bright soul, who settled in a snow-white flower, will heal him, ”answered the hostess of the ice palace.

- I am ready to turn into a flower. This young man is extraordinarily talented, he must recover, see the whole vast world and give people their fabulous pictures, ”said Snowflake.

Snowflake eagerly awaited the following winter, and when the longest and coldest winter day arrived, she gladly flew to the ground, to the mountains where the young man lived. For a long time she chose the place where she should stay. Finally, on one of the mountain peaks, from which the window of the artist's house was visible, she sank down on soft fluffy snow and calmly fell asleep.

When the first spring rays of the sun shone on the mountain top, she awoke from sleep, feeling a strong burning pain all over her body. The pain was getting stronger. The snowflake began to melt, and her soul along with the melt water leaked into the ground. When the pain subsided, a plant wrapped in white fur appeared from the ground so as not to freeze from the touch of mountain ice.

After some time, the plant revealed wonderful white flowers, like small stars, snowflakes.

At this time, the young man was sitting in a chair near the window and looked at the mountains wistfully. Suddenly, something flashed before his eyes, invisible energy spread all over his body, filling him with power.

The young man rose from his chair, opened the window and saw in the distance, on a mountain peak, flowers that were not there before, but he saw them in his dreams and portrayed them in pictures.

Coming out of the house, the young man went to the top. Reaching the beautiful flowers, he knelt down and said:
- Dear beings, a kind and generous soul lives in you. Thank you for the healing! I will go around the whole earth, recognize all the wonders of Nature and show them to people in my paintings.

Take care of edelweiss! The silent soul of these amazing mountain plants is light as snow and pure as melt water, it sends us its healing energy, fills the soul with joy and warmth.



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