What is more in behavioral habits - good or bad? Monologue of the former railway

You and Sergey were scattered in autumn, so let's see how she will show herself next year. Although, I’m saying, size doesn’t matter. Just to be born. Potatoes, she, like bread - all over the head. If she is, we will live.

But without her ... Sadly somehow.

Started? Yes, I started something with the king Pea. You and Serega were not in the project either. After the school, I went out as a mechanic to service locomotives. Locomotives! So I started with the maintenance of "Sheep" and "Schuk." These are so small, maneuvering. SB - “Sergo Ordzhonikidze”, those already later, with time began to arrive at the depot. This is, of course, a powerful machine. Main steam locomotive. But "Lebedyanka" will be stronger than him. So they came later.

And I finished ... True, it was four decades later. I finished again - on the maneuvering. But already a machinist. And I had a locomotive. "Masha". 2M62. Two-piece Spark. She worked on the highway. But I finished it on the maneuver.

Where? Where are you going? Here, carrot more. Will you take beets? Beet, look - good. Large. And how to pick. One to one ...

Incidents? But as it was not ... For forty years, what just did not happen. Somehow ... Already on the "passengers" worked. Moscow led. We had a shoulder to Volkhovstroy. There, the locomotive crew changed. And I left the last stage. From Lodeynogo. On the output arrow, the green light came on. I got under way. I went to the arrow. And in its alignment to forty already need to keep. I went to the weekend ...

I look, at the very paths of the muzhik some worth it. A small sprout. And the dog at his feet is spinning. Little black. Without a leash. I also thought: “He would take her in his arms or something. And then - one never knows, jump on the way. "

And I did not have time to think, and he himself is like a siganet! And right on the rails ... Naturally, I immediately turned on the brake system. Yes, what is there! Under the second carriage he lay as we stopped. Legs and part of the body on this side of the paths. The rest is between the rails.

No, they were not for long. As soon as the cops arrived ... I called them through the station attendant. As soon as the cops arrived, and to drive something for them - the station was nearby, they pulled out the remains of the little man from under the carriage, so we started off. I have a schedule. And on the freight - the schedule. Try it out of them. Okay, the prizes will be deprived, then after two months they will commemorate at each bat.

Of course, if a person is still alive, then - yes. Schedules, schedules - all aside. Or in his locomotive and - to the nearest station, or if it is faster, wait, wait for the ambulance with the doctors ...

And jam? Look here - currant. Green! Last year. This year, the mother no longer cooks from it. Don't eat anyway. And crumbled. And there was ... All, as doused with berries. And - berry to berry.

Yes, it is clear that now it is cheaper to buy than to grow. Just a habit ... Where to go from it? From the very beginning, after all - plant, spud, weed ... Mother and I will not, so, probably, and you will not plant anything on the site? Well you look ... Should not the earth be empty. Sin is big.

Or something else. With the habit of this ...

As for the Mashka, for exportation, it was maneuvering, it was also the case. On Onega picked up the route - a tank with gasoline - and dragged it to the tank farm. I go to myself. The first move on my way is guarded. With a booth, a barrier. And me after him uphill. It is necessary to accelerate. I signaled to the guard - close the shop, they say. And then I'm getting closer and closer, and his car - back and forth through the move. “Close, close! I then go uphill, dropping speed is not from my hand. ”

Shut it, slipped. And a little further - more moving. From the most antediluvian. Unregulated. Without barrier. And there is no light signal on it. Yes, there is usually no movement. But this time I look - the lawn van goes below. It can be seen, just loaded at the dairy. Carried goods for shopping. Most likely, on Key.

I gave him a short, helpful one. It seems like he slowed down. But then I look - no. Goes to itself, as if nothing had happened. Already got to move. I again - turn on the brake. Yes, only the very, very small, and I, and he did not have enough. Behind, to the edge of the van at the end of the stopping distance, I sealed it.

I, of course - nothing. Only the windshield flew out. And all - on the conductor. He was to my left, and at least managed to close his eyes, but they took him to the hospital soon afterwards. See if your eyes are damaged by glass fragments.

Only the windshield at the locomotive flew out. And at the lawn ... His something turned around ninety degrees, face to me. And the van tore off and about ten meters further, for the ditch was thrown away. Boxes povyletali, bottles, of course, beaten. And such a path from the car to the van itself is white green grass, from kefir and sour cream, sprinkled with powder.

While the traffic cops were waiting, I wondered about this durik - drove a milk tanker - and ask:

- Where are you looking? Entrances, something to move everything perfectly visible. Locomotive - seen from afar!

And he answers me:

- Where where? I before the move, of course, to the right, looked. I did not have interference on the right.

So that. Habit. Because of her, he was deprived of his rights for six months. In the locksmith, transferred to the pit. One of our locomotives had a brother-in-law in a motorcade just working. So he told.

Potatoes, carrots ... Beets, jam. Here it is. Now, like, everything. Come on, move slowly to the exit. Yes, carefully. Do not forget to bend your head. And then, as usual, you will attach to the door jamb according to your right-handed habit. When I converted the hole to the cellar, I didn’t count on your height ...

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