Why do provincial newspapers have a dull face?

The difficulty was that the “face” of all the district at that time was the same. A lot was said in words about the fact that each newspaper should have its own “face”, but in reality it was all about a dead end created by the party itself. There was a clear ideological approach. All political messages must be placed on the first page. There were also publications about the leaders of socialist competition, the Hall of Fame, reports about milk yield, news of the region, and so on. As such, the individual “face” of the newspapers did not exist. Only a slight difference in font design was allowed, and all photos should strictly correspond to the proportions of the newspaper page.

Those times of "trimmed" under one comb of newspapers are long gone. Almost all newspapers are already printed in an offset way. It would seem that monotony should no longer be in the design, since the layout on the computer allows you to creatively approach the creation of the "face" of the newspaper. But what do we see? Alas, the same pattern of the Soviet period, although there is already no trace of the former dictatorship about what materials and how to dispose. Then why is the former pattern so popular? Partly because it’s easy to type out a newspaper. Do not re-adjust the layout each time. Everything is already calculated and it remains only to fill in “chunks” of the text.

The situation is just wild. What prevents to go on the Internet to see how Western newspapers make up? True, there is high-quality full-color printing. But the newspapers, printed in one ink, too much. And what is interesting, there are very beautiful pictures. Now there are programs with the help of which it is very easy to impose various mask frames on the photo. Minute deal, and the page of the newspaper takes on a unique look. Even the headlines can be arranged with an artistic approach.

True, any typewriter will say that the printing house may not be in the font base of a computer of a particular font, and then on the film for offset printing will go kryakozyabry. I agree, I do not argue. But the way out is very simple. Give the title is not a font, but in the form of photos. It will be accurately printed under any circumstances. Again, captions in the form of photos are very easy to apply in any sequence to other photos. Moreover, in such a title you can embed anything.

Nothing new said above. All this has long been known and successfully used in the West. Then what the hell are we having? Try to answer this question yourself. Just put on the table like a fan a few numbers of the local newspaper with an indestructible pattern and try to find between them at least some differences in the layout. Some variety is made only by pictures in which the plot changes. Everything else from number to number "for a carbon copy."

Well, what prevents to give a photo in the form of a panorama on the first page of the "basement"? With the current digital cameras to make such a photo - a couple of trivia. What prevents on the first page (or on some other) to give a photo essay and original design of the pictures themselves? The reader first draws attention to the illustrations, and only then goes to the texts. Such is the "automation" in our view. Therefore, a few photos on the page will always give the material “readability”.

What prevents the computer from wrap up small notes in the original artistic frames? No such frames? Do not make me laugh! On the Internet you can download anything. It would only be a desire to work creatively. But it seems that this is not the desire. Why try? The salary will be the same, and the reader will not complain anywhere. And in the editorial with this "iron" logic from the number to number continue to "spank" the newspaper on the annoying pattern. The times are already different, but the thinking remains the same.

The first "newspaper", as is known, was stamped on a rock with the help of a stone and a chisel. Many centuries have passed, paper and a printing press appeared. Now you can do without paper and printing machine, if you go to the electronic version. But how has progress affected the “face” of the provincial publications? Alas, no way. With rare exceptions (this is a costly redesign), the same pattern of the Soviet period, which is obsolete by all standards, remains in use.

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