How did the airline deliver us to Istanbul? From the cycle "Shuttle bikes from Karpov"

The owners of “Unic” should have thought about why it was, but the explanations given by the airline seemed convincing to them, and here we are sitting with Sima on the plane on the very first flight carried out by the new company. The flight took off from Moscow late on Thursday, arrived in Istanbul on Friday, and had to return back on Tuesday evening.

We arrived in Istanbul normally, quickly settled in a hotel, all Friday morning was devoted to purchasing goods and sending them through a transport company that belonged to the same “Yunik”. And in the evening we went to the city of Yalova, on the other side of the Sea of ​​Marmara, to visit our Turkish friend.

Everything was designed so that on Tuesday we arrived at the hotel half an hour before the bus departs to the airport. To our surprise, on Tuesday, the majority of Russian tourists with whom we were supposed to fly home, crowded below the reception desk. Not paying attention to it, we quickly darted to the room, grabbed the prepared things and went downstairs. Our appearance at the bottom with bags in our hands caused a lively excitement of all those gathered.

- Tolik, have you heard about the main news? In the morning they announced that the “Intercontinental” these Cuban rum is already sipping somewhere in Hawaii, and they are having a cigar bite.

There was a noise, all purely Russian expressed about the scammers. Lilka is especially sold out. The former associate professor of the department of Russian language and literature at the pedagogical institute, a single mother who threw herself into the trade as a pool, turned up such a complex combination consisting of swear words, that everyone stopped for a minute.

We were amazed. Having delivered over three hundred people to Istanbul and having sold seats for a dozen more flights, the rogues did not bother, and, grabbing a substantial amount, escaped without paying even for renting the plane on which our flight was made.

A representative of “Unic” appeared - a young guy with a complex name and surname. It was Gagauz, a representative of the Turkic people living in the south of Moldova. Interestingly, the Gagauz confess Orthodoxy, which is extremely strange, as they speak a language close to Turkish, and they lived for many years in the territory of the Ottoman Empire. We didn’t even try to remember what his mom and dad called him, and they simply called Petya.

So, this Petya, waving his arms energetically, told us:

- Guys, no one is going to send you the plane, all the flights from Istanbul are full, the Turks are going to work in Russia after the holidays, that's why it's rubbish. But travel companies, whose tourists were stuck in Istanbul, decided to constantly monitor the workload of the sides and, at the slightest opportunity, get you off. Tickets will not be sold to anyone, only through our representatives.

There was a noise, everyone tried to shout down each other. Petya was silent, and when the noise subsided, he continued:

- Though you all shouted at the same time, I realized that you have not many questions. True? Major: when will you fly away? Where will you live? For what? Nobody left any money, everyone in the product has already left. So, or not at all?

Voices of approval confirmed the validity of his words. Only one supplement followed:

- Another question, in what order will we get out of here?

Our savior gave so much varied information that it took time to digest it. It turned out that the management of "Unic" took a number of decisions, and all of them were in our favor.

“First, Unic will pay for all of you at the hotel. The second, in addition to the usual breakfast, lunch will be waiting for you at the hotel. Third, for dinner you will be taken to one of the restaurants located nearby. Fourth, Unic will redeem for each plane tickets, regardless of their cost, that is, if there are places for regular flights that are more expensive than charter flights, they will also be purchased.

As he spoke, tensions gradually subsided. It remained to decide the order of departure. At the meeting, all those present were divided into three categories: the first included single moms who left their children in the care of relatives or neighbors - it is clear that they should return home as soon as possible. The second included those for whom trade is a side activity and who had official work. In the third, "careless shuttles", we entered with Sima. Each group cast lots to determine the order of departure, it turned out that Sima and I were in our category in the second ten.

Stretched days of waiting. The entertainment was evening meetings with information about the number of seats allocated to our group. In the afternoon we sat idle, all the books were re-read more than once, Turkish television was tired, the only thing left was to go to visit the familiar shops, chat and drink tea.

Finally, on the seventh day, the turn came to us. We arrived conditionally at the airport, if there were not enough seats, we would return to the hotel and wait another day. Fortunately, it cost us, we were given tickets, free for us, with a request to return them to Unik, and we went to land. The seats were in the tail, next to us sat a girl from another travel company. The story she told us surprised us:

- They evicted from the hotel, no lunches or dinners, much less a free ticket. I am not a novice, familiar Turks lent money and helped with housing. Three times a day I came here to call the same people who were abandoned by their travel agencies, and finally, today I managed to get a ticket.

Sima and I just looked at each other, so we were very lucky with a travel company.

A day later we arrived at Unic and brought tickets and boarding passes. The company had a ghostly hope of reimbursement after the sale of the property of the airline. I don’t know how it all ended for them.

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