How to fall in love with a man: and you need it?

It is as if our life and its meaning consist in serving the master, to whom there are far fewer requirements on the web. As my historian used to say years ago: “We, the peasants, it is good: a little better than a crocodile - already handsome!“Funny was uncle. And cute, by the way.

Now this is my headache. No, not in the sense that I am a feminist or worse - a man-hater. And the fact is that, firstly, my daughter is growing up, she starts painting her nails secretly and looking at the Web, and there it is ... lower your eyelids, lift your eyelids. Instructions for Wii, not for a young girl.

And secondly, you have to be honest. Everything that is recommended to be done on the web, everything completely tricks and manipulations, David Copperfield's school on the creation of optical illusion. But if you think about it, how much can a peasant get dust in his eyes? Hardly to the grave. If he is not quite an idiot, of course.

So you will have to show your face sooner or later, dear Gulchatai! And so that your beloved Petruha doesn’t feel himself at this moment, quit making faces and be yourself. Hate laboutenes - do not get drunk. You do not have a scythe to the waist - do not tie the horse's tail, but do something that is. If you don’t know how to bake in your 18 cakes as a grandmother - it will pass, in 60 years for sure. If women were all completely from articles, men would live with men, they already begin.

If you like him for what you are, it means yours, grab and run. But no - it means that this person is not a couple for you, consider it lucky that you did not need forty years to understand this. No, this is by no means a recommendation to take care of yourself, neither for manners, nor for appearance, they say, “nothing, that the chest is sunken, but the back is the wheel”.

Just do not do it for the sake of someone, everyone does not care. And if anyone pays attention to how you are following you, it is very superficial, almost in Suvorov style: he came, he saw ... he forgot in FIG. Men in general are looking for a strange match for themselves, according to their own criteria, it even seems to me that by smell.

As experience shows, the less you take care of this problem, in the sense of searching for a peasant, the more it goes. One of my friends, whose life on a personal plane has not yet taken shape, somehow told me with resentment: “You will never understand me. For example, do you know what it means, there is no and there is no man in life?»

I even felt ashamed in front of her. Because I have never been unhappy in this regard, but only happy, I did not even have time to think about finding a husband. All my life I had someone to go to the cinema, from whom to take a flower, with whom to eat, drink, talk in the end (do not laugh, the lovers also talk!).

And I don’t remember bad people among my boyfriends. And there were the most ordinary people with their cockroaches and charms. Stars from heaven were not enough, but they were not inferior. I somehow didn’t want to cry for anyone. It was a couple of times, but also in a high. Although I am far from being beautiful, in some places I didn’t bother to cram down to other places. B. Like everyone else. But I have no money, no time, no special need.

In general, there was not a single "goat", as single women like to talk. Apparently, all of them snapped up. Sometimes it seems to me that dissatisfied women themselves with these very "me-me" and attract, throw themselves like goats on cabbage, just to devour, and then blame the whole world on what it is there.

The young ladies also love such a trick: falling in love with someone at the age of 17 and raising their sufferings to the rank of such a universal tragedy that they don’t let anyone else in their hearts live. Where one lass nose is worn out and goes on a bike to drive, the other will "flow" all his life.

I do not argue, any healthy woman wants to find her love, shoulder and friend. So we are arranged that we are bored and dreary of living in this world without a man. Whatever we say out loud, but it is. And there are smart wealthy women among my girlfriends, and not at all to me, who can only sneak in on their personal happiness, which never came.

But be that as it may, I put half my life on a search for a loved one, and then another half my life on pleasing him, keeping him, stupid somehow, senselessly and in some measure humiliating for both.

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