Who needs men's whims? "If the guy in the mountains is not ah ..."

I have never heard of anyone not on the pages of a magazine, but in a normal conversation seriously discussing the ideal of a man. Most likely, it is no more than a regular myth about gender relations.

It makes no sense to explain that we love and low, and unsportsmanlike, and balding, and with the outlined belly. Just - love. Because love does not know about public fashion.

However, there are things that we can not forgive even beloved men. And this is not treason and not a leaky wallet, as one might think. And not even socks and unclosed toothpaste tubes. Male slut and male lovelace can be taken as a necessary evil. But did you meet capricious man?…

It seems to me that there is no more pathetic spectacles than men's whims. Starting with excessive intelligibility in food (“I don’t like onions, large tomatoes are chopped, small cucumbers, and we ate fish yesterday, I won’t eat them!”), Ending with whining in the spirit of “We’ve been walking for two hours !

By golly, I wanted to be with an adult man, but I got spoiled son. Well, what can you talk about with a friend who divides the weight of packages from a supermarket (“Hey, it's easier for you, it's not fair!”) And is indignant that it is difficult for him to walk around the city with three kilograms in a bag?

How sympathetic articles make me happy in glossy magazines that it's hard to be a manthat he, a poor fellow, is forced to overtake his wife in the amount of his salary, and his friends in the amount of man’s dignity. And the stresses are bothering them, and the society is biting them, and the neighbor’s car is better.

The only thing in which a man should not feel weak today is in love affairs. All this is hammered in by the young men from school and serves as a wonderful by excuse hike not to the gym, but to the kiosk.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that the only weakness that a man should really be ashamed show is a weakness of spirit.

My favorite Vysotsky sang:

If the guy is in the mountains
no oh
If at once raskis -
and down
Step set foot on the glacier -
and wilted
I stumbled - and into a cry, -
So next to you -
Don't scold him
drive on.
These do not take up
and here
About these do not sing.

I happened to be in the mountains, and I spent part of my life in the forest doing various kinds of tourism. I saw strong men who never divide equal weight in a backpack, which is calculated in two-digit number of kilograms. Those who face the splashes of water of mountain rivers and do not succumb either to the cold or to the lack of food and lodging for the night - what can we say about everyday comfort.

They carry on their shoulders comrades in rescue work. And may they all have different characters, habits, and - in fact - many of them are far away. not perfect, exactly next to such a man you feel a woman.

And not always in life should be a place feat. And not everyone is destined to test his strength in this way. But let's not call modern courage baseness whims and justify is it "not that era"?


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