What is foie gras? Useful delicacy

However, gourmets advise you to start familiarizing yourself with foie gras without intermediaries. Just fry in a frying pan a slice of raw semi-finished product. If it is frozen in portions - you should not defrost it, so it is better to keep the fat. Having an idea of ​​the true taste of the famous French delicacy, you can try various recipes that combine foie gras with other products.

The most sophisticated is the union of foie gras and truffles. For the first time a similar recipe guessed to offer a local cook to a Bordeaux MP at the end of the 18th century. Then the dish was called “Strasbourg goose liver pate in Perigord truffles”. Classic “guard of honor” for bird liver - fried chanterelles, baked apples, wild berries, salad. Well suited almost any sweet and sour products. The most common alcoholic accompaniment of foie gras is champagne, dry white wine, calvados or armagnac.

For the French, foie gras is a familiar food product, served on the table with or without it. Not always the liver is prepared independently in the home kitchen. More often, a factory production bank is opened, foie gras is laid out on a dish. Gherkins, pears, berries and other "side dishes" are present on the table by the presence. Participants eat platter on toast, or thinly sliced ​​slices. And, of course - wine. If there is enough of it, the Frenchman may well forget about the side dishes, and even about the bread.

Foie gras in recent years has been subjected to fierce attacks from animal defenders. Indeed, videotapes of force-feeding birds can leave indifferent few. Supported by many famous people, the calls of animal protection organizations to stop the production of foie gras have been heard in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the United States.

In opposition to animal advocates, prohibition opponents argue that overfeeding is a natural part of the life cycle of migratory birds, and gavazh does not harm and does not cause suffering to birds, unless you fully comply with technological standards and rules.

Some researchers suggest that eating liver overfed geese and ducks can have unpredictable effects on human health. At the same time, in the regions of France traditionally distinguished by a high level of consumption of foie gras, life expectancy is one of the highest.

The reason is the presence in the product of unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in a person’s blood, and as a result, mortality from cardiovascular diseases. The percentage of duck fat contains poly- and mono-unsaturated acids is about the same as olive oil. And these are not assumptions, but the results of research.


Watch the video: Foie Gras & the Ethics of Force-Feeding: The Politics of Food (December 2019).


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