Advertising - deception or art?

And I do not believe. All my life experience suggests that there is a trick here, and I begin to think hard about it. But here another “commercial break” shakes the room with an increased volume ...

Whether you like advertising or not, you cannot get away from it. We have long been accustomed to it and do not think modern life without it. Advertising is everywhere - on TV, on computer, on radio, in newspapers, on transport ... On the street, the view constantly stumbles on a constriction, a colorful banner, or a bright sign.

Is there any benefit from such an abundance of advertising? Maybe it's just a way to get information about a particular product? Yes, probably. But only 100-150 years ago. After all, advertising is now a separate type of business, which, in addition to the huge cash flows being in it, has the ability to control and program the public consciousness of certain segments of the population. After all, now we must make the "right" choice, and not just learn about the existence of the goods.

Of course, everyone knows that buyers are more willing to take the product, which is better advertised than the one about which they have not heard anything. And although many realize that the amount of advertising is reflected in the final price, as it is incorporated in its price, they choose such products, considering them to be of high quality, inexpensive and safe.

Why do we opt for a well-known brand, sometimes, even despite the price? Maybe we want to be “like everyone else”, keep up with life, obeying the opinion imposed on the television screen? And have you ever wondered what is unusual about such a product, and why is it better than the one that lies next to it?

Nobody will deceive us like this directly - this is prohibited by law and controlled by a special body. But you can always cheat. An example of indirect deception is advertising, which emphasizes the absence of negative qualities in a product. For example, a baby food manufacturer claims that it does not use chemical preservatives or artificial colors. But he should not use them. Or vice versa, the usual product quality is given for unique: “... in our product, the number of live bacteria is calculated with a number with many zeros ...”. And adds a figure to the price tag. And someone just keeps silent about the shortcomings - copes well with dirt, but dries the skin, or smells good, but can cause allergies.

But who pays attention to such a trifle, when on the TV screen ordinary people, almost the same as we, convince us of the advantage of a product. Or well-known artists have long used the opportunity to save, choose, get ... They can't lie to us.

But we must not forget that there, behind the glass, is its own isolated world, a beautiful absurdity, close to the ideal and impossible in real life. Remember the advertising of cars - there are no traffic jams in their cities, and a car always leaves any dirt clean. There can talk animals, things, fictional characters, and all products have such an appetizing look ...

Who is a real connoisseur of advertising, so are the children. They may be entranced to look at the flickering of vivid pictures or enthusiastically contemplate color illustrations in a magazine. And then come up and naively ask: “Will you buy me one?”. Or at the beginning of the next movie, along with his heroes, unmistakably voice any memorable scene. Unfortunately, the behavior of the characters is not always an example for them.

But even among adults there are a lot of children who are fascinated by advertising, although the majority still filter and analyze the information received. Movies on TV are trying hard to create a need, and for some such a need arises. Let not immediately, but during the next trip to the store, there may be a burning desire to buy this particular product. Did you have this?

The emergence of technical innovations, drugs, new stores, manufacturers of products, some services - this is undoubtedly the necessary information, and it finds its consumer. Nowadays, you need to declare yourself, and the louder the better. Even a small grocery store must have a well-marked sign "Products", otherwise, except for regular customers, it will not have customers.

Often, advertising is remembered: bright colors, the play of shadow and light, the elusive thirst for life in a still picture. Even without understanding what they advertise, I am ready to return to her again and again with my eyes. And what funny videos are on TV! "How much to hang in grams ..." - remember? Or: “It’s impossible to see the first star, we are waiting ...” Even international festivals are held - “Cannes Lions”, for example. Or the project "The Night of the Advertising Eaters", where they take money for what you will watch commercials at night!

It happens that some clips simply amaze with the beauty and perfection of both ordinary viewers and inexperienced consumers of this or that product. To do such a thing, of course, you need talent, as well as in any other form of art.

And only for us, ordinary people, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the diversity of the information that surrounds us from all sides, sometimes acting more persistently and aggressively. Therefore, try to extinguish the irritation caused by the next advertisement, and evaluate it in terms of usefulness to yourself. After all, advertising is still not the biggest problem in life, and cheerful and good-natured commercials often carry a positive emotional charge.

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