How to copy a damaged disk?

In such cases, programs for copying damaged disks come to the rescue. There are many. I want to talk about the best of those with whom I had to face - Non-Stop Copy. The site of the program is, the author is Dmitry Sergeev. The program does not require installation, the size in the archive is 58 kb, distributed free of charge.

This is the main window of the program.

In Non-Stop Copy, for all its simplicity, an effective algorithm for copying files from damaged media is implemented. First, the program performs a quick copy. If during the fast copying process there is an unreadable sector, the program marks it (a whole block of sectors up to 1 MB in size, for floppy disks - 64 kb) as broken and continues to copy further. The copying process is visualized. The read data is marked in green, the unread data - in red.

After fast copyif bad blocks of sectors were found, the next stage begins - detailing. Each previously marked broken block program begins to copy by sector. It copies from the first sector in the bit block, moving forward until it “hits” on the unreadable sector, and then copies from the last sector in the block, moving backward, until it again reaches the unreadable sector.

The attentive reader will say: “And if this is the most unreadable sector in the block, it is not one? If moving forward, the program found one bad sector in the block, and moving backward another. What if there are surviving sectors between them. ”

Right. But as a result of detailing, this entire “picture” of damage on the disk is being clarified. Often, you can limit the detailing stage, for example, if the damaged file is video, audio, picture, etc. But if the copied file is executable, for example, the distribution package of the program, then you need to copy the damaged file as accurately as possible.

Therefore, after detailing the third stage begins - accurate detail. At this stage, Non-Stop Copy tries to copy every sector in all bad areas. At the end of this stage, an exact picture of the bad sectors in the file is obtained.

And the last, fourth stage of copying - copying bad sectors. The program tries to copy every bad sector. Several attempts are made to copy a bad sector, the default is five. It happens that from a bad sector from the N-th time it is possible to read information. This is the longest copying step, not always necessary. It is needed if the data needs to be copied as accurately as possible from the damaged file. Sometimes this stage can take a lot of time.

Non-Stop Copy has many features, despite its simplicity. All features are listed on the site. I want to emphasize, from my point of view, the most important ones:

the ability to continue copying a file that is not fully copied by other means;
copying process can be interrupted at any time, and then, if necessary, continue;
the ability to automatically turn off the computer after copying; if there is a lot of damage, the user does not have to sit and wait for the copying to finish - copying may take several hours, after that the computer will turn off;
low resource intensity.

It is also possible to copy directories. This is in case you need to copy the whole folder in which there is one or many damaged files. To do this, the archive with the program includes a special script. Called nscopyd.bat.

Go to Start → Run ..., in quotes, specify the path to the nscopyd file. bat, then after a space in quotes, specify the path to the directory with damaged files, then another space and in quotes the path to the directory where to copy. Suppose you need to copy the directory with corrupted files located on the F: Music disk to the directory on the D: Copy disk. You can do something like this: "C: Program Files nscopy nscopyd.bat" "f: Music" "D: Copy". Approximately - because you can place the program directory not in C: Program Files, but in another place.

I have been using the program for more than a year, and during this time she has established herself just fine. Recomend for everybody!

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