Ask - do not ask, or How did I fix the laptop?

Well, that, I think, it is necessary to repair! I looked at what can be done with this nest, it turned out that the “typewriter” should be opened. Yourself? Or maybe you shouldn't? ... Brought a laptop to a friend - he is in electrical engineering of the dock. He looked, twisted the cogs, said: "No, I'm sorry! I will not take it. It's all unfamiliar, I'm not special on computers. It would not hurt (good principle!). If you were a Vidic or a TV, then - no problem. And so ... ”I collected what I unscrewed, gave it back to me and with visible regret.

I thought: "What to do?" Carry in any computer shop? It would be necessary, but after all the breakdown seems to be trivial, it’s just hard to get to it. And there, in the workshop, if, of course, we have such, it remains to be seen how they will manage with my equipment and how much they will take for it. And in fact, the main problem with the breakdown of my device was, as it turned out, to get to this breakdown: the laptop needed to be fully split. Oh, and itching, and the mother does not order! ...

I suffered another week. And here I am again looking at the laptop case from all sides, hypnotizing, trying to think of something. And I come across the address of the manufacturer’s website. Aha Well, I am you now! I went to the site, I found, among other things, two other service departments and left messages of angry content there, such as the stupid technique and you are the same! Well, in a relatively polite form, of course!

The next day the answer comes: good afternoon, I'm such and such Dmitry, specify where there is no contact? Honestly, I felt a little ashamed of my emotions from yesterday. Well, I replied that I was nervous yesterday, and the problem is this. The next day he answers: yes, the party of such machines, like you, had this problem, you need to glue the housing of the socket, solder the contacts - the problem will disappear. After I clarified that the main difficulty for the time being was precisely in stretching the unit, he replied that this was a simple matter, and explained how to do it. I especially liked the description of the place where the "ears of the matrix."

Day, I still took myself to meditate, and then got down to business. Everything turned out, it turned out - really everything is not so difficult. I stuck it tightly (pah! Pah! Pah! So as not to jinx it!) The nest case. He soldered a new nasty, fallen off contact. In him! It was the cause of my suffering! Then I gave the glue to dry properly. And then - with a sinking heart gathered "typewriter". Turned on ... It works! Works! As befits any self-respecting laptop! I must say that I experienced a sense of due satisfaction. It's been five days, and it still works!

Well, the conclusion is very, very profound - from all of the above, I did the following: since we have the Internet, we must use it! After all, the absolute majority of manufacturers have their own sites where you can find answers to your questions. I honestly did not foresee a happy ending to my little story with a laptop, but it turned out just the opposite. So do not hesitate and do not be lazy, dear readers, as they say, look for - and find, ask - and they will answer you! All good shopping!

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