First working day: how to survive in a new team?

The fact is that this topic is close and interesting for both yesterday’s university students who are starting their creative paths and people with experience who, due to certain circumstances, have decided to change their place of work.

Interpersonal relationships in a team are a rather important aspect of the work of any company. If relations can be called good, then a company or an enterprise will work productively, and if there are eternal scandals and “tricks” of employees, then its successful activity may be jeopardized.

When you first enter the company as its employee, you should understand one thing: for old-timers, you are a new animal at the zoo.


The first working day can be officially considered begun. You come to your workplace, begin to lay out your personal belongings, look around, in a word, get used to. Gradually begin to catch up with your new employees. Some of them greet, some do not, but all without exception inspect you and then, lumping together, whisper about something.

Tip number 1
Be friendly with all staff. Smile at them. On the first day, they make up the first impression about you, and as you know, the first impression is the strongest, and then it is very difficult to change it.


The working day is in full swing. All the staff gathered and shook; the whole management had already arrived. The office at this time is always in its busiest state. For you as for “freshman” this is the most peaceful time. Everyone will not give a damn about who you are and what you do, and even if you interact with someone, you will only be required to perform your job duties clearly, completely and quickly.

Board number 2
Take advantage of this time. Show yourself as a professional and take the work as seriously as possible and the assignments with which the staff will approach you.


Dinner. The time for you is quite ambiguous. Perhaps some of the employees will want to get to know you better, or even invite you to have dinner together. If such an offer arrives, I recommend that you accept the invitation. But what is important: when communicating with new employees, while you have not looked closely at them, you should not tell them your entire biography and pour out your whole soul. Give them just a little more information than you gave to the boss at the interview. If you open up completely to the first new employee you meet, there is a chance that in a couple of days there may be rumors about you or your life may become the subject of discussion of the whole department.

Here's what else is important: if in the company in which you work, it is customary to have lunch at the office or in a specialized canteen on the territory of the office - this is a particular danger. Do not pay attention to the fact that around someone is whispering or nodding in your direction - believe me, this is normal. Remember yourself in school years when a new student came to your class. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon and there is absolutely nothing terrible here.

Tip number 3
Be prepared for what you will be considered. Do not be afraid of whispering at the next table or in the common room. You are a new person, and how do you make up your mind about employees, and they make him about you.


The office lives again, everything is in work, everything is in care, everything is in its affairs. Again a safe and secure time for you. Work and think only about her and your immediate responsibilities. At this time, all again do not care who you are, where and how, in fact, breathe.

Tip number 4
Go to work with your head. Try to do everything at 120%.


The end of the working day. Everyone is already thinking about how they will come home, see their loved one or not so much a person, play with children, have dinner and will rest. At this time, work in the head of employees takes 20%, and thoughts about his personal - 80%. For you, again, there is no danger.

It will work out well if you are with someone from the staff on your way home. On the way, you can ask more about the company and how the internal work is arranged. Do not be too intrusive in the inquiries, otherwise you can pass for a sly and rather slippery person.

Tip number 5
At the end of the working day for you should look like a "hearty" and with your whole appearance show how you like everything. If possible, talk to someone on the way home, this will give you the opportunity to learn more about the company from the inside.

It is important to remember that any team is something living and constantly changing. If you manage to work together and get into a rut - your work will bring you not only income, but also the pleasure of the time spent on it.

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