How to become a writer?

After this experiment in the regiment of writers there is a massive decline. The remaining units. After all, to sit for months without money, to go to no avail on publishing houses - few are capable of this.

Everything described above refers to the pre-Internet era. Now everything is different. Any former reader can be a writer, regardless of age, gender, skin color or talent.
That seemed to be the key word for the definition of “writer”. But that for one talent, for another - verbiage.

Let's first determine what kind of writer you want to become. No, it is clear that talented. So that you were published in huge circulation, made films based on your works. And so that the fees paid.

Writers are:
Graphomania - write for the process itself. There are many of them and they are needed to determine the zero threshold for entry into the writing workshop.
Commercial writers. Use their ability to put words into sentences for making money. Know perfectly what a publisher needs. Without thinking, they work both independently and in a team under a popular brand.
Unrecognized geniuses. Subtype of grafomanov. Hate publishers. Readers are considered underdeveloped until their opuses. At the end of life, as a rule, they drink too much.
And a small detachment of those who do not run for quick success, and learns all his life. And the publisher himself comes to him sooner or later.
Who do you want to become?

A writer is a man who invents parallel worlds. The person describing reality is more like a journalist. Coming up with another world, you need to start living in it. You are capable of it. Can you guarantee that you will not stay in this world even after the last chapter? Your heroes will begin to live their own, already beyond your life. They will be scolded by readers. They will empathize and believe that it really was. Then you yourself believe it. Do you need this?

It is necessary! Then write. No one will ever tell you how to become a writer. Because nobody knows that. The most important thing is that the process itself gives you pleasure. And the result was a pleasure to the reader.

And then you will be called sooner or later, and a pleasant female voice will say into the phone:
- You are worried about the publisher ...
And you look at your half with a triumphant look, and she will kindly spread her hands.

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