What do I remember when I first met socialist agriculture?

A row where the beets were planted ... From now on and until lunch, somewhere out there, far, far beyond the horizon. Rummaging in the thick weeds, the agronomist showed all the beetling sprout to all weavers. Ma-scarlet, as I remember, green. Not only different from the grass before or after it. We looked at this sprout, like, as we remembered.

Theater vs. child: where to start?

It so happened that relatives from Moscow visited us recently. Walked-looked, and decided to look on the way to the Opera House. They gave the "Nutcracker". And here our child suddenly expressed a desire to go along with them! Honestly, I was smitten, because we ended up with theaters 3 years ago, when at 5 years we overfed him by our own stupidity “Buratino.

How to get plastic windows? Part 2. Installation

The call gager free. Call from 3-4 firms, no longer needed. After the third in my head there will again be porridge, everyone will praise their firm, the most experienced will not scold competitors. Have measurers like you - on day 5−7, and in season - about 9 people, so calmly and complacently inquire, elicit what we need.

Fear or understanding: is it possible to frighten a child?

And what happens next? Does it help? You know what is surprising - yes, it often helps, or rather, gives an instant effect. The child, as a rule, quarrels and generally behave indecently ceases. Temporarily. But at what cost - we rarely think about it, but in vain. Fear is such an uneasy two-edged sword: one cures, others cripples ... Therefore, I would like to talk about both sides of the medal.

How do emotions affect health?

Emotions are the inevitable companions of any event of our life. Depending on how our psyche can cope with them, sort out negative ones and concentrate on pleasant ones, psychologists conditionally divide all people into two types, A and B. Type A includes people with an extremely developed sense of responsibility.

How to learn to control your emotions?

Learning how to manage emotions is not that difficult. For this you need to focus on them their attention. Focusing on emotions can allow you to receive complete information about their content and intensity. The influence of emotions on the mental activity and physiological functions of the body is enormous.